Uniforms information and prices are detailed below

Until players know what teams they are in there is no point in picking up a uniform. So hold off invading the shop and looking for the official club uniforms.

The Melbourne Boys uniforms store & office is at the entrance of the basketball end at MSAC.

We will be giving priority to, and in the order of the No 1, 2, 3, 4, …. teams.  They are the ones that will need to be in correct uniform sooner than the low ranked teams.

When the uniform store is open the club will fit out ALL players who will need uniforms. The uniform will be something that is temporary and shall be returned when you proper uniform arrives. You will be able to play the night you pick it up.

ALL uniforms are at MSAC and David Watson are at MSAC ONLY on Friday nights 5pm -11pm.

When you get your temporary uniform you should order up your permanent uniform & get assigned your number while you are there.

Payment for uniforms and any merchandise required is done when the uniforms come in, not when ordering.

The club will require a $50 deposit for the temporary uniform that you borrow. When you return your temporary uniform, in good condition, you will get your $50 deposit back.

The loan of a temporary uniform  means that you ONLY wear it to games and NOT training sessions. If you want a training top & shorts uniform we do sell training uniforms ($60).

The permanent uniforms will show up in approximately six weeks time. Most likely mid January, just before the Australia Day weekend tournament. Collection day will be advised via email advising location & times.

The club does business by cash,  cheque, or credit card (surcharge may apply). Please don’t ask us to put it on the tab – you will be refused.

Players new to the club will require a uniform to play in, when you are selected to a team.

The uniforms from the time you order to arrival, takes 6 weeks. This means you will need to get your orders in before December 1st. Players playing in the Australia Day weekend tournaments will require correct uniforms.

The VJBL will be tolerant of “near enough” uniforms (Black shorts & training singlets) up until Christmas. In the New Year, players without proper uniforms will not allowed to play.

Please plan ahead and get your uniform ordered as soon as possible.

Uniforms can be tried out on Friday nights only at MSAC after 5pm. We have an office near the basketball entrance where we have stocks of spare uniforms, some second hand uniforms, and some temporary red training singlets with numbers on them.

To get the uniform & merchandise you want

Try out the uniforms at MSAC and get the correct sizing with the required lengths.
Please Note:- Players wearing shorts below the knee are not allowed.
Order at MSAC, or send me an e-mail with your requirements and I will then bring it in to MSAC at the training session. info@MelbTigers.com.au

Deposits:- too many uniforms are being borrowed and not being returned. This is a service to help players get on the court quickly. Unfortunately too many have abused the system. Because of this problem the club requires a $50 deposit on all uniforms borrowed.

Second Hand Uniforms

At times we do get players who grow out of their uniforms and who do wish to trade these uniforms in. The club will reimburse players 50% of the purchase price, if the uniform is in good condition. These uniforms are then used as temporary uniforms or for people looking for a cheaper uniform. The club will sell these to you at 50% of the listed selling price. The club makes no money on these transactions but attempts to look after its members.


As of 1/10/19

Standard Uniforms   $120
Uniforms with extra lengths   no extra
Singlets only   $60
Shorts only   $60
Polo Tops   $50
Hooded Windcheaters   $60
Melbourne Socks   $5
Melbourne Black T-Shirt (extras)   $10
Melbourne Warm Up Top (extras)   $10
Tigers Black Bag   $55
Red Yellow Training Singlets & Shorts (sold as a set)   $60