Player Costs involved with VJBL basketball

(the costs we charge are similar to most clubs in the VJBL)

Families, in today’s environment you must plan for the financial commitment needed for your children to continue.
This also applies in any sport.

Every player (family) in this club has an obligation to pay:

  • Try Out registration fees (non-refundable) – $60
  • Basketball Victoria Annual Participant Licence (non-refundable)
    For further information please refer to “
  • Registration fees (Nov 2020 to Nov 2021) – $640 . The fees for the u12’s only = $540,
    discounts are offered to holders of a Commonwealth of Australia Health Care Card.
  • There is a dicount for families with 2 or more players in this club.
    1/2 price for the 2nd & 3rd in the family
  • Door entry & Team Sheet fees, (to pay before each game is played) ~ $15 each game
    Spectators can pay up to $5. Each stadium has its own door charges & team sheet fees
  • Sunday Training. Costs are covered in your clubs registration fee
  • Mid-week training / court hire fees (organised by the Team Manager) ~ $15 each week
  • Uniforms purchase is $130, we supply a club singlet & shorts, polo top & T shirt.

This club has to pass on all the costs / price rises we get:

  • from MSAC,
  • from the school gyms we hire
  • from the uniform manufacturers.

2020 COVID Issues

Because of the COVID shutdown, the club has undertaken a 50% refund to the 2019-2020 players who have paid their registration fees in 2019.
This only applies to the returning 2019 – 2020 Melbourne players, the registration fees in 2020 – 2021 have been set at half the full amount.

Over Christmas, we will send you an e-mail about how we calculated the amount you owe.
You will be given a month to agree to the amount or challenge any part of the amount you owe.
After the month is completed an official invoice will be sent you and this amount must be paid.
More details will be given on the invoice calculation sheet when sent.

 Unfortunately, there are still a few who haven’t paid their 2019-2020 registration fees by the due date.
For those whose payment remains in arrears, whats owing from 2019 – 2020 will be added to your 2020 – 2021 fees
Details of whats owing will be sent out on the invoice calculation sheet.