Registering with Melbourne Tigers Junior Basketball Club (MTJBC) parents & players agree to the following conditions:

  1. Abuse and violence by players or parents is against MTJBC policy.  Any player or parent involved in abuse or violence will be subject to disciplinary action.
  2. Players must respect the property of venues at which they play or train and will be required to pay for any damages they cause.
  3. Parents must not interfere with the coach’s decision or the team’s discipline.
  4. Parents and supporters should sit away from the team bench during games, but offer encouragement and support to all members in the team.
  5. MTJBC expects a high standard of behaviour on and off the court – towards referees, coaches, and personnel from other clubs, officials, players and parents.
  6. MTJBC expects a positive contribution from players and parents. All parents must be prepared to help with the running of the team and the various activities within the club.
  7. If parents or players have problems which cannot be resolved by negotiation within the team or between the parties concerned, the problem must be put in writing and addressed to the Administrator. If necessary, a disputes committee will be appointed to conciliate and/or arbitrate. The decision made by the committee will be final and binding.
  8. MTJBC takes no responsibility for injuries incurred by players playing for the club. We also recommend that parents take up private health insurance for their playing children.
  9. Players & parents are responsible for all fees and – or associated expenses related to playing basketball with MTJBC. Parents shall undertake to be guarantor to MTJBC that all expense incurred by their child will be paid in full to the MTJBC. All Registration fees applied are non-refundable
  10. Players & Parents will need to abide by Basketball Victoria’s codes of conduct
  11. Being part of a representative basketball club, players are expected to train on a Sunday, and on another night of the week, play matches on Friday nights and in key tournaments throughout the year.
  12. I will conduct myself and endeavour to ensure others in my company conduct themselves in a proper and reasonable manner and in accordance with Basketball Victoria’s Codes of Conduct, a copy of which is available from Basketball Victoria, the association or from Basketball Victoria’s internet site
  13. Unless parents / players submit in writing to the Club Administrator the Club will assume that is acceptable and you agree to:
    • Distribution amongst team members of your phone number, or e-mail addresses
    • Being photographed or videoed during training sessions or games.
  14. Our privacy policy is covered under Basketball Victoria’s Privacy policy. Please refer to the BV website for more information.