• You may not say anything bad about a team-mate – ever!
  • Get to the game venue at least 40 minutes before game time.
  • There will be a team meeting 20 minutes before game time.
  • Do your stretching exercises before the warm-up time.
  • The warm-up must be impressive: The coach will organise a standard warm-up routine (lay-ups, jump shots, free-throws) at training.
  • During the game if a team-mate does something wrong, he already knows it, so don’t bother telling him about it.
  • During the game if you do something wrong, get on with the game: don’t make another mistake by being slow to get back on defence
  • When a team-mate does something good, tell him about it, say something positive, give him a “high five”.
  • Throw the pass as if you were on the receiving end.
  • There is to be no whining about court-time.
  • Train like you want to play.
  • Don’t practise fouling.
  • Train tough but look after your team-mates: they’re going to help you win.
  • When you shoot, you must believe it’s going in. If you don’t, then you shouldn’t be shooting.
  • The only way to be a champion in basketball is to be part of a champion team.

The Coach.