Commitment to be the very best player.

Joining this representative basketball club Melbourne Tigers, means: you can no longer expect to automatically get X minutes on-court per game.

In a representative club you will now have to “earn it”. “Earn it” means players need to make a commitment to attend weekly training and for the better teams training can be twice a week. Your attendance to training must be greater than 95%. If you do commit to attending as many trainings as possible (greater than 95%) your game will improve.

If you want to play football you will need to consider making a commitment to all the sports you decide to take on and not just drop off a sport when you are not winning or its too cold.

Your commitment is for the basketball season (Oct 2023 – Sept 2024). If you can’t make that commitment then you are at the wrong club.

Players you will need to talk to your parents; can the family handle all the travelling to and from games, travelling to training every week, finishing off school homework and school project commitments. You would-be best-off mapping out all of the times you are at sport / school / part time work and then talk to your parents as to what is possible, then make a decision as a family.