Beginning Basketball

Junior players starting points

Below is a list of different entry points that kids can start their playing careers.

  • Development Sessions.
    Previously the Melbourne Tigers has run development sessions for Boys & Girls. The targetted age group is for players 8 years to 12 years who can attend the Melbourne Tigers Development sessions at (TBA around  July – Sept)  each year. Session time are from (TBA). To enrol please turn up on the day and register. Bookings have finished for this year but their should be sessions to be coming back next year.
  • Saturday Afternoon competition
    At MSAC (Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre) Boys & Girls under the age of 10 years, each Saturday Afternoon children of all ages play. The competition goes from 1:00pm to 6:00pm. Younger players play earlier in the day and older players play latter. This is for children as young as 6 years old.
    If interested, the contact person for the Saturday Junior Competition is Thomas Hoggard.
    His email is and phone number is 0493 176 938.
  •  Playball competition.
    Local school teams play at MSAC (Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre) in an after school competition. Grades 3 and 4 play on Fridays from 4pm to 6pm. Grades 5 and 6 on Tuesdays from 4pm to 6pm.
    If interested contact Simon Buckley 9532 5584
  • Melbourne Tigers Try Outs.
    Under 12 to Under 20 Boys & Girls – can attend our Try outs through the moth of October each year.
    The Website Tryout dates will be posted around August / September.
    Players wishing to join at other times of the year should first contact Sophie Williams (MCBA)

More Details About Try Outs and the Melbourne Tigers Junior Basketball Club – below

The Melbourne Tigers teams play on Friday nights at MSAC and at other stadiums around Melbourne. If you are keen on basketball this is where you should be playing.

Who can join Melbourne Tigers Junior Basketball club?

Anybody under 18 years can join, you do not have to be playing basketball at MSAC to join.
We would prefer that players do have some height, athletic ability with lots of desire, commitment and heaps of perseverance.

Each year at the end of the Championship season, positions in all of the Melbourne Tigers junior basketball teams are declared open and vacant.

To secure a playing position in one of our teams, all players interested have to attend our Club’s Try-Outs.
The players then have to earn their position on the teams. This includes our No1 teams.

The Melbourne Tigers club wants to produce the best possible teams to compete at the best possible levels.
Even if you are not quite up to No1 team standard – if you have the desire and the work ethic, we will place you in one of our development squads.
These teams will be given lots of good coaching to improve your skills. From there, maybe you will make it.

If you are coming from another Club 

If you have at any time in the past, or currently play on Friday nights in a representative competition, you will need to get permission to train from your club.
This does not mean that you are leaving but are letting your club know that you want to go to other clubs’ Try Out sessions, to see what they can offer.

Some players do go to a number of different Try Out sessions to see what positions in their teams are available.
Basketball Victoria permits “Shopping around” by players during the off seasons of basketball. These months are from September to December.

If you decide to try out at another club you will need the following forms and signed by your clubs administraotr.
Permit to Train


Try Outs

Each year (in October) the Melbourne Juniors – invite all players to ‘Try Out,’ to show their skills and abilities and to become a Melbourne Tigers Representative player.

The Structure of the Try Outs is to;

  • Allow ALL players attending an opportunity to perform at their best during Try Outs. Some practice matches, properly refereed, involving Trying Out players will be arranged on Friday nights during November.
  • To have the right coaches present observing all the players.
  • Coaches should have the chance to see as many participants as they need to construct a team suitable for the competition they will enter into.
  • Coaches are to meet before the Try Outs, during the Try Outs and after the Try Outs to determine (as a group) what players would be best suited for the teams that each coach is selecting.

The club has specified some criterion that should be observed by the coaches selecting players;

  • All decisions shall be made as a group of coaches that have coached or will coach the players.
  • Disputes shall be settled by the Head coach, Director of Coaching or President of the Club.
  • All players selected shall be financial to the club. Payment of fees in advance.
  • The players shall have been regularly attending training during the previous season.

The club is also interested in development of future teams. Specifically bottom age players should be placed in a division that they can grow, develop and be challenged.

Coaches of MJBC teams shall be appointed on their experience, previous win loss record and their observance of club rules.
The No1 and its reserve (TBA or No2 or No3) team shall normally be allocated with the best top age players.
There will be 18 to 20 players in this squad (two teams). Final selections for each squad (two teams)  shall be announced early November.

The No2 and its reserve team shall be selected from the best bottom age players.
These development teams normally make up the nucleus of the following seasons No1 & its reserve teams.

The No5 down teams shall all be considered to be development teams. They are used to feed the top teams when players drop out or are injured.

What happens after Try Outs 

Players should continue to attend all the allocated training sessions – even after Try Outs have officially finished. If you are not sure on training times, speak to the coach or club Administrator.  Teams normally train at Melbourne Sports & Aquatic centre on Sundays. The top four teams will also train mid week at one of the school gyms in the area.

Team coaches should have at least appointed temporarily a team manger or a ‘go to person’ for the squads. Get this ‘go to’ manager person’s phone number or the coaches phone number and let them know what your child’s intentions are. If you miss a week of training its your responsibility to let someone know that you won’t be at training and / or find out what time training is to be next.

The coaches & administrator will not have the time to chase players who don’t show up to training sessions. If your child wants to play – keep attending all the trainings or until instructed to move to another group or time. We will try our best to ensure that your child is placed into a team. Parents need to help out in getting the teams happening. The quicker the teams are organised the happier and more settled everybody in the group will be.

IMPORTANT – The club has to register around 500 players with the VJBL. The club then has to place them into teams and attempt to supply suitable coaches for each age group and team. This has to happen all within a period of a month. Obviously some of our better teams need to be quickly and properly organised in readiness for their pre-grading games. These pre-grading and grading will happen all to quickly and the clubs resources have to be shifted to ensure that where the biggest problems are, they get sorted out first.
In doing so, other teams ranked down the list, who will play in lower divisions of the VJBL competition . some of these teams will not start until February next year, they may appear to be left out. This is not the case. We will keep in touch through our newsletters and will advise players & parents when the different grades are starting.




New players may join our club by attending Try Outs and be selected into one of the Melbourne “Rep teams”.
Melbourne Tigers Juniors provides a programme for players who wish to enhance their skills by competing in higher levels of basketball competition. This Competition is called Championship or Representative Basketball “Representative Ball” is what higher standard girls and boys teams are entered into by the Melbourne Boys in Victorian Junior State Championships and Metropolitan League Divisions. These competitions come under the governing body of Basketball in Victoria. Melbourne representative teams play under the Melbourne Tigers banner.

You will see the representative players getting around MSAC in Melbourne Tigers uniforms, polo shirts & red windcheaters. Our Club colours are Red Black and Yellow.
Rep. Ball is played every Friday Night with the exception of the middle week of the school holidays and over the Christmas vacation. Some Finals are played on Sundays.

Rep. Ball was designed to give keen junior basketballers an opportunity to participate at a more competitive level than the domestic Saturday afternoon / night competitions. By competing against composite teams from other Associations within Victoria and, in particular, the Metropolitan and semi-urban areas.
There are currently three levels of competition within “Rep. Ball”

Rep. Ball is a learning curve and takes the new players coming into the competition time to get used to the “pressure on the ball” type of game and tougher defense. but it is still a game and one which junior players should enjoy.

The Victorian Championships (VC) is the highest level junior players in Victoria can aspire to. These teams are involved in more travelling around Melbourne & Regional towns in Vic;

Victorian Junior League [VJL1 to VJL7]. These Junior league divisions are not regionalised. Games are being played within the Metropolitan area & Geelong;

Victorian Junior League [VJL8 to VJL12] These Junior league divisions are played only in areas of Melbourne and suburbs
Some of our Development teams will start playing in February next year and are allocated to the bottom grades of the VJL competition.
if teams are well organised from playing their first games, (through the playing off cross over system in grading phase 2) they are able to make it into the higher grades


Age Grouping for 2023-2024

One of the most frequently questions asked is the “Age” grouping – junior basketballers playing representative basketball

Age Groups are;
Under 12 – eligible players must not turn 12 in 2024, they are born in 2013, 2014, 2015
Under 14 – eligible players must not turn 14 in 2024, they are born in 2011, 2012
Under 16 – eligible players must not turn 16 in 2024, they are born in 2009, 2010
Under 18 – eligible players must not turn 18 in 2024, they are born in 2007, 2008

This is quite often a shock to parents who are concerned that their child may be coming up against much older players. All junior players will spend a maximum of two years in each of the age groups. For those starting out or who are bottom age players, they are placed in comparable easier or lower grades. They may come up against older players on the odd occasion. The age group classifications for all players is no different to domestic basketball where there are also top and bottom age players playing in the age groups.

The aim of Rep. Ball for Melbourne Tigers is to develop our younger players for the future. While, at this early stage of their basketball life, it is difficult to comprehend that they may one day be playing senior basketball and participating in such prestigious Senior competitions as the Victorian Basketball League, Metropolitan League, etc. – IT DOES HAPPEN! There are currently several ex-representative junior Tiger boys playing for the NBL team (one of these players is Andrew Gaze!).




At present, the Rep. Ball season is played for nearly twelve months commencing approximately mid-late November this year and going through to September next year. There are 3 phases of competition played throughout the year.

  • Spring season or Pre Grading season October to November 2023.
  • Grading Season Phase 1 – November – December 2023
  • Grading Season Phase 2 – February  to April 2024
    These two different phases decide where the teams will play throughout the main
  • Championship Season April through to September.

We finish off the basketball year on Dec 15th 2023 and recommence on Feb 1st  2024. This is in line with the School holidays & terms commencing.




The cost in entering teams in “Rep. Ball’s is substantial but the club tries to keep these at a minimum and an affordable rate. Currently, the annual Melbourne Tigers player registration fee is;

Victorian Championships & Metropolitan grades $TBA for the 12 monthly period

Current costs for the special Tigers uniforms are $TBA  singlet and shorts.

However, with a view to encouraging our younger players, Under 12 teams are currently charged an annual registration fee of $TBA



The majority of training is on Sunday mornings for the under 20’s 18’s & 16’s, with the under 12 & under 14 junior boys teams training Sunday afternoons. When football is on, times are changed to suit.

Rep. Ball does take a lot of dedication on behalf of the parents and players, particularly the parents who have the responsibility of transporting their kids to training and games.

Games will continue to be played at MSAC on Friday nights .


Entry Fees

These vary from stadium to Stadium. Spectator and Player Entry Fees are paid through the Team Sheeet fees paid by each team ($150).


Team Managers

A Team Manager is required for each of our teams – The Team Manager is usually

a volunteer from one of the parents and assists the coach in many ways but, particularly, in correctly filling out the scoresheet, collecting team sheet fees, etc. Information is supplied to assist each Team Manager with the requirements of the different competitions. At higher levels fines are exceptionally high for scoresheet misdemeanours, walkovers, etc.
Team Managers are welcome to speak to the MCBA contact person (TBA) if they have any queries – this also applies to parents who have general enquires or wish to know more about “Rep. Ball”. All contact with the governing bodies of basketball must be done through the Administrator. Calls from coaches, parents, team managers, etc. will not be accepted by the Basketball Commissions (VJBL, & Eastern Qualifying).

Fixtures & ladders info can be got from

Up To Date Club info http: //




Our club coaching staff is based on players from the past and a few ex parents who want to see their children and others in  teams improve as players and as people. We have a number of qualified coaches that run teams in the Friday night competition. The club has got booklets and an education program for parents that are willing to assist. We also run training sessions with other teams that do have experienced coaches. Join in, it’s not that difficult.

All of our coaches do give up their most valuable time to educate the players and we would ask that you support them. While styles may change from coach to coach – coaches all aim for the same result – to improve the player’s skills. If you have any queries of the coach as a parent, it is recommended approaches be made after training – rather than before or after a game.



The referees are part of the game and, while we may not like their decisions at times, verbal or other abuse of referees is unacceptable behaviour and also sets a bad example to the children. A copy of the Basketball Victoria’s Code of Conduct is available on demand off the VJBL website. We would encourage every parent/player to read this. Melbourne players at all levels are expected to conduct themselves in a manner which does not bring discredit to themselves, their parents and the club.


Basketball Office

For all junior enquires, payments, uniforms, information or any problems you can find us just outside the basketball pay entry turnstiles point at the Basketball end of MSAC.


First Aid

Is always on hand at MSAC if your child is injured. A First Aid Officer will attend or you can bring them along to the first aid office next to the Basketball Office at MSAC.

At training sessions speak to the MSAC front desk for any first aid assistance.





For further information:
Sophie Williams