Try Outs

Season 2018-2019




All BOYS Tryouts are to be held at: 
Oakleigh Recreation Centre Park Rd Oakleigh Mel 69 H6


 Dates: Sundays – October 14th, 21st , and 28th .


Year of Birth

Under 21s (99, 00, 01)      8:00am to 10:00am
Under 18s (02 & 03)          10:00am to 12:00pm
Under 16s (04 & 05)    12:00pm to  2:00pm
Under 14s (06 & 07)      2:00pm to  4:00pm
Under 12s (08 & 09)      4:00pm to  6:00pm



Please Note:-

1.            We would prefer that Players attend all three Try Out sessions,
but for family, school or other important reasons Players
cannot attend, then we will accept this as a legitimate excuse
for non attendance. Please let the person in charge know.

2.           Player Try-Out registration is done on the first day you attend.
There is no Pre-registration required to be done online

3.           All players have to turn up at least 30 minutes before the start
of their first Try Out session to fill in their registration form.

4.            After Try Outs have finished Players must continue to attend
Training sessions if they want to be placed into a team.

5.            All players will be eventually placed into teams, just keep

6.            There will be games / training sessions scheduled on Friday nights
nights at MSAC or away courts  starting 19th Oct

Friday Night games last game is 14th December


Bring a basketball, a dark coloured T shirt & a light coloured T shirt,

If you are coming from another Representative Club 

If you have at any time in the past, or currently play on Friday nights in a representative competition, you will need to get permission from your club. This does not mean that you are leaving but are letting your club know that you want to go to other clubs’ Try Out sessions, to see what they can offer.

Some players do go to a number of different Try-Out sessions to see what positions in their teams are available. Basketball Victoria permits “Shopping around” by players during the offseasons of basketball. These months are from September to December.

If you decide to try out at another club you will need a Permission to Train form the following forms and signed by your current club’s administrator. You cannot try out without this form.

If you take a position at another Representative Club then you will need to have a Clearance form.

If you are registered with another Friday night representative Association permission to try out is required! (Remove)


Permits are only required if you have previously played for another Association on Friday nights.
Players playing in the PLAYBALL competition on Fridays at MSAC do not require a permit.
NO PERMITS are required if players have played only on Saturdays at other venues.


The VJBL / Friday Night Season goes from mid-November 2018 through to end of August 2019.

Competition games are NOT played over the school holidays.

All players have been placed into teams
after Try Outs in October. (Contradicts earlier statement re keep turning up)

What happens after Try Outs 

Players should continue to attend all Sunday training sessions – even after Try Outs have officially finished. If you are not sure on training times, speak to the coach or club Administrator, David Watson. MSAC is not available to train from mid November on Sundays. We normally train at Oakleigh recreation centre on Sundays.

Team coaches should have at least appointed temporarily a team manager or a ‘go to person’ for the squads. Get this ‘go to’ manager person’s phone number or the coach’s phone number and let them know what your child’s intentions are. If you miss a week of training it’s your responsibility to let someone know that you won’t be at training and / or find out what time training is to be next.

The coaches & administrator will not have the time to chase players who don’t show up to training sessions. If your child wants to play – keep showing up to training or until instructed to move to another group or time. We will try our best to ensure that your child is placed in a team. Parents need to help out in getting the teams happening. The quicker the teams are organised the happier everybody in the group will be.

IMPORTANT – The club has to register some 500 players with the VJBL, place them into teams and attempt to supply suitable coaches for each age group and team, all within a period of a month. Obviously, some of our best teams need to be quickly and properly organised in readiness for the pre-grading games. These pre-grading and grading will happen all too quickly and resources have to be shifted to ensure that where the biggest problems are, they get sorted out first.
In doing so, other teams ranked down the list, who will play in the Eastern qualifying competition or the u21s age group will not start until February next year appear to be left out. This is not the case. We will advise when the different grades start.

Downloadable Forms

Permission to Train Form
Clearance Form
First Try Out Registration Form

For any inquiries please contact:

Calls between 9am to 5pm

Administrator David Watson on 9380 4474

Director of Coaching NickAbdicevic 0414 521 912