Try Outs – FAQ




Q. Can I pre-register for tryouts?


A.            No, we dont have an online registration system for both returning Tiger players and athletes new to the club.



Q. What are they looking for in the tryouts?


  1. A.The selection process will involve input from the club’s coaches appointed to be involved in that particular age group. The coaching staff is managed by the Coaching Director.


Athletes will be assessed against the following selection criteria:


  1. vPotential to compete successfully at VJBL level
  2. vGame sense, competitiveness and athletic ability (e.g. speed, quick hands and strength)
  3. vPotential to be socially compatible and display a sense of team within a group
  4. vBeing highly receptive to coaching feedback including the ability to transfer information into training and playing
  5. vOutstanding desire and commitment to improving mental, physical and basketball skills


Within this process coaches will be strive to be objective and:


  1. vDemonstrate an even-handed approach to every athlete
  2. vSupport the selection process and reinforce the qualities the club is looking for and the commitments required


Please remember that whilst the club strives to provide the most transparent and objective process it can, subjectivity is an inherent part of all such team selections


 Q. What if I am unable to attend due to other commitments?


A.    Please advise the tryout coordinators and your coaches if you are going to miss a session. We understand that everyone is busy and that it is hard to make all sessions. What is important is that we know that your son wants to continue being considered.


Q. Will my child get in a team? (How many teams? etc)


A.    We will accommodate every player and place in a team as long as the coaches feels that team can be competitive. This is provided we can resource each team with a suitable coach. We strive to have an idea of the number of potential teams for each age group as early as possible, once player and coach numbers are confirmed and we will promptly communicate that information to all families involved.



 Q. Can I talk to the coaches?


A.    We understand that athletes and parents are often worried about the outcomes of the tryouts, however coaches need to focus all their energies on the actual trial process to be able to properly evaluate every athlete and make informed assessments.


Accordingly we ask parents to refrain from approaching coaches during the sessions. There will be Tiger volunteers helping to co-ordinate the whole process and these people will be happy to answer most reasonable questions.


As indicated further on, there is a feedback process available AFTER teams have been selected.




Q. What should my child expect to happen at tryouts?


A.   Athletes will warm up as a group, be exposed to a range of skill aspects and be asked to compete in various playing situations. The selection process recognises that some elements may be new or unfamiliar to some players.


Players are asked to arrive prepared to concentrate hard and give their full effort and attention to the coaches.




Q. If my child gets into a team, what are the expectations regarding playing
– every week or is it OK to miss some games?


A.    The commitment to play Representative Basketball is a large one and a place in any Tigers’ team is highly valued. The club expect players to play every game, but do understand that illness, injury or critical school or family commitments may sometimes prohibit this.




Q. If my child gets into a team, will they be guaranteed of court time each Friday?


A.    Representative basketball is unlike domestic basketball where even court time is often the aim. Accordingly, even court time for all players is not guaranteed. Rather, players earn their court time by their attitude, progress and attendance at training and potential to contribute to the overall team’s success. Please be aware that most teams run to ten players, so logic would dictate that anything over 20 minutes court time, per player, per game, is ‘ahead’ of the average, so players should be patient about their court time aspirations.


If your child is not consistently achieving the court time minutes that you deem reasonable, please talk to the Director of Coaching to ascertain what steps your son might take to earn more court time.


In close games, especially with VC teams, it is possible that some boys may see reduced court time. This is the harsh reality of competing at the top level of the sport. However, court time can be earned by performance as outlined above, giving every boy has the potential to control their own team contribution.


Q. How are teams announced?


A.   All team lists will be published on the Melbourne Tigers  website on the Tuesday after the last trial session.


The club has adopted this strategy to allow parents to initially support their own children through the announcement process and reduce the potential for a range of emotional responses in a public setting.


All parents and their sons are able to contact the Club’s Director of Coaching to seek feedback on each age group team selection process and how it relates to them directly after the team list is published.


 Q. If my child gets into a team, what are the expectations regarding
training -is it OK to miss some training sessions?


A.    Again, a strong commitment to train is very important. Players who miss training sessions, without legitimate reasons may have restricted court time at the next game. Some exemptions may be made with prior consultation for players who have to travel long distances and accordingly may struggle to make mid-week sessions.


Q. How often do the teams train?


A.    Each team normally trains on Sundays at Oakleigh. This is usually the main session of the week. Most teams can expect to have a mid-week session, typically on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evening. Actual session times and venues will be organised by the Coach of each team.


Q. Is training always at Oakleigh?


A.    The vast majority of our Sunday training sessions will be at Oakleigh.


Q. What about players from other Associations?


A.    Players from other representative clubs are always welcome at Melbourne. However they will need a signed permission to train form to be able to try Out.
VJBL rules generally place a limit of two external ’Representative’ players who can be introduced to a new team in one season.


For players who do join the Club from another Association, it is the sole responsibility for the player/parent to pay and submit their clearance form to the VJBL.  That cost is $22. New players will not be able to participate in VJBL scheduled games until they have been cleared and listed on the VJBL clearance list.




Q. How much does it cost to be a Melbourne Rep Player?


A.    Costs for 2018 are as follows: Club annual membership $550 per player, with reduced rate for siblings. Uniform $100. There is a weekly charge for scoresheet, door entry, mid-week training etc $12 per week.


It is important that new members to the club are aware that we rely on a range of revenue streams to make the programme’s budget balance. Membership fees are important, but we also generate revenue from sponsorship and fundraising. All members of our club are expected to support and participate in relevant fundraising activities as they help keep our membership fees as low as possible.


Q. When and where are games played?


A.    Games are on Friday evenings and generally alternate between our home court at MSAC and away venues. There may be extensive travel required on Friday evenings to other courts. The younger age groups tend to have games scheduled earlier (6.50pm or 7.50pm), whilst Under 16 and 18 game times are more likely to be played around 8.50 or 9.50pm. While the VJBL tries to limit travel distances for all teams, it is not unusual for games on Friday evenings to be arranged at venues as diverse as Frankston, Dandenong, Knox, Nunawading, Lilydale, Diamond Valley, Darebin, Sunbury, Werribee, Geelong. Fill up your tank and look forward to the opportunity for long conservations with your child!


Q. What about tournaments?


A.   The two tournaments that all Melbourne Boys teams participate in are the Eltham/Dandenong event on the Australia Day weekend and the Melbourne Tournament over the July School holidays mid weekend. These are important events for team bonding and accelerating development.


If Melbourne VC teams qualify for the Junior Classic on the Queen’s Birthday weekend in June it is expected that teams will compete at that prestigious event.


Other tournaments on that June Long Weekend include Nunawading and Ballarat and these along with all other tournaments during the season are at the discretion of the individual team (noting that each team will liaise with the Melbourne Coaching Director to ensure a reasonable and not excessive calendar of events during the year in relation to age and development status).


However it should be noted that no Melbourne player will be disadvantaged in any way in respect to their regular league participation should they be unavailable to attend any of these other tournaments.




Q. What happens if my son does not get selected in her preferred team?


A.    Disappointments are inevitable once final teams have been announced. The Club is happy to provide feedback as outlined above. Please contact the Director of Coaching if you would like to explore these issues.




Q. Are teams ‘set’ after they are first announced?


A.     Teams announced after trials on the website are not ‘set in stone’ until after the first round of grading (mid December). This is because some players decide not to go forward, whilst others may struggle to compete at the required level. Movement in teams is unusual after the website announcements, but that potential does exist in such extreme circumstances.




Q. I need to talk/More questions?!


Please contact David Watson if you have more questions after reading this:


David:    or 9380 4474