Ken Watson Academy


Ken was the driving force behind Basketball in Australia for the past 60 years. His accolades include coaching the Australian Olympic Teams in 1956 & 1968.

He introduced the Shuffle to Australia in 1962, and coached many premiership teams for Victoria State & Melbourne Tigers in their seniors and juniors programs. He is the only coach in Australia to have won five consecutive Australian under 14 National Titles in the 1980’s. This achievement will never be surpassed.

Through this, his teaching methods live on at the Ken Watson Academy and the coaches he has taught over the years. Some of his students have been Lindsay Gaze, & Ray Tomlinson.

The Ken Watson Academy is focussed on delivering the same outstanding results to its students as Ken did in his many years though his long experience learnt years ago as a coach. Today we are proud to present the same teaching techniques that were used by Ken to achieve the same outstanding results.


What is the Program:

A tried and tested program designed to improve individual skills. A series of gradings by our coaching staff during the term will identify player’s strengths and weaknesses highlighting the areas requiring improvement. We will supply the drills and support to help players reach the next level.

Many parents and players regularly raise the following concerns about their skill development:

  • Players are unsure of areas they need to improve.
  • Practices focus on team principles with not enough time for individual skills.
  • Players have no individual goals or visible pathways for development. With limited courts available for team practices. The Ken Watson teaching program will provide a solution to these problems whilst encouraging players to also spend time on their own skill development.

What players receive:

  • Written report on strengths & weaknesses.
  • Listing areas requiring improvement and drills to practice.
  • Opportunity to attend specialist clinics to prepare for the next grading.
  • Personal Improvement Program Manual.
  • When you pass your grading you receive the school´s own training T Shirt.


The Ken Watson Basketball Academy is accepting enrolments now for the classes continuing and re-commencing
Classes will be conducted by highly qualified and experienced basketball coaches and are available for age groups from under 12 to Under 20, both boys and girls.

This program is very similar to the ITCP program ran by basketball Victoria. Classes are available on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning 6.30am – 7.30 / 8.00am. The School coaches will develop a basketball program that will help you improve your basketball skills. This is strictly an individual skills orientated sessions and not team sessions.

Take this great opportunity while available so that your son or daughter can improve in the sport they love.

Coaching clinics will be held on the last Sunday of each month for parents interested in better understanding what the coaches role is and also for any coach wanting to improve their skills.


Nick Abdicevic (Academy Coach) on or 0414 521 912

David Watson (Administrator) on or 9380 4474

Registration Form

Ken Watson Academy Rules

By registering with The Ken Watson Academy (the school), parents & players must agree to the following conditions:

  1. Student tuition payments shall be made in advance, and at the start of each month at the rate of $30 per session.
  2. Players must not train on any of the courts at the Oakleigh recreation centre without permission from a representative of the Oakleigh rec centre or the school coach being present.
  3. Abuse and violence by players or parents is against school policy. Any player or parent involved in abuse or violence will be subject to disciplinary action.
  4. Players must respect the property of venue at which they train and will be required to pay for any damages they cause.
  5. Parents must not interfere with the coaches decisions or the discipline handed out to players during the training sessions.
  6. The school expects a high standard of behaviour on and off the court – towards coaches, and personnel at the Oakleigh rec centre, gym officials, other players and parents.
  7. The school expects a positive contribution from players and parents.
  8. If parents or players have problems which cannot be resolved by negotiation between the parties concerned. The problem must be put in writing and addressed to the Administrator. If necessary a disputes committee will be appointed to conciliate and/or arbitrate. The decision made by the committee will be final and binding.
  9. The school takes no responsibility for injuries incurred by players while training. We also recommend that parents take up private health insurance for their children.
  10. Players & parents are responsible for all fees and /or associated expenses related to playing basketball with the school. Parents shall under take to be guarantor to the school that all expense incurred by there child will be paid in full to the school.
  11. Any pre existing Medical condition or allergies must be reported to our coaching staff so that they know about what to do in case of an emergency.
  12. Players & Parents will need to abide by Basketball Victoria’s codes of conduct