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Below are helpful instructions and score sheet examples.

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pdfVJBL FIBA scoresheet – blank

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Being a supportive parent:


For parents interested in how best to support your child the club has compiled over the years a number of documents that I hope may assist you in how to deal with issues that sometimes do occur. While this selection of documents is extensive, asking the parents who have been there done that is also an option. To qualify for the “Been there done that” category parents should have seen their child start in u12’s and pass through all the age groups. Only then will you be speaking to people who have a complete experience in what this club and the sport can offer.


How do I find these experienced ones?


They are at MSAC on every Friday night. Ask me and I can point you toward these people who are lining up again with another child in the family line or talk to the me on Sundays – I’m there to listen.


Regards – David Watson

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Team Manager resources:

pdfTeam Managers information and intro

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