1. The dates of the 2021-2022 year Try Outs are from Friday 5th November 2021 to Sunday 28th Nov 2021.
Participants are to make themselves availble to train on Friday nights and Sunday afternoons during November

To be eligable to play: dates and times to be confirmed

Year of Birth
Under 20s (2003, 2004)      all try outs will be at MSAC –
Under 18s (2005, 2006)
Under 16s (2007, 2008)
Under 14s (2009, 2010)
Under 12s (2011, 2012, 2013)

The precise dates & times when you are training will depend on the court booking availbilities at MSAC
We expect that there will be vacancies for players in the u12’s, u14’s, 16’s & 18’s teams.

This year the numbers of players we are able to take in will be different and potentially smaller,
because Basketball Vicotira (B.V.) is now running the basketball bookings at the MSAC venue.
The reduced numbers of teams we can enter will be due to the reduced number of available courts.
We will have to limit the number of teams to the courts we have been alocated.

There is also a new and different way all our Try Out particpants will have to register; through the Basketball Victoria PlayHQ system
We intend to step you through this process once we also have a better undertstanding of the new system.
If your still interested, please register with the Play HQ system

Tryout Registration

2. To register properly you must:
Go to the Try Outs registration, complete the information and pay $60
Fill in all the details correctly. Go back over what you have written and check that there has been no red error message on any of the items requested
All players Trying Out will have to pay $60 via Credit Card. At the end of the form,
there is a credit card payment system ready to take your payment.
When players type in your date of birth, the system will calculate your Try Out age group.
If your age group is not what you expected, the machine is not wrong,
it’s calculating your age group for the following year.
If and when you have finished registering properly, an e-mail will be sent to you:

– emergency contact e-mail – we need to be able to contact you on short notice, in case a change to the times are altered.

– parent/guardian1 email

– parent/guardian2 email

It is preferable to have more than one e-mail address listed, so everybody in your family knows what’s going on.

To be advised

At the Try Outs, be early, there will be issues with COVID safety and queues.
If you have properly registered, your name will be on a list and you will be assigned a Try Out number.
If your not registered, you will have to do this before you can step onto the clurt (Insurance issues)
Before the Try Outs, get a number written on your leg and when instructed to, your group will go to the court you have been assigned to.

On Sundays we will have to wait for the Melbourne girl’s to finish and they have moved out (COVID rules)
Before we start, the coaching staff will then address your groups.
At the end of the 5 minute speech the group leader will tell you what court to go next.

When in doubt, please ask one of the workers & helpers. There will be a number of helpers around.

We will also have court Marshals on each court – ready to take down your name and Try Out number

In past years, parents are asked to stay outside the venue. There may be issues with the number of people
attending and the COVID rules at the time.

The severity of the rules will depend on the day – we will fore warn you of whats required on the day
– MSAC workers will require anybody entering into MSAC is to QR log in or sign their sheets
– Players who are on the Try Outs registration sheets are automatically QR logged in.
– everybody will be wearing masks. The masks can come off only when you are on the court training
– we will have wipes to be used to wipe down the basketballs, and benches at the start & end of the session
– players are required to sanitize their hands on entry and exit to MSAC

Showing up on the day and not having registered, will result in your long delay.
We believe that pre registering on the PlayHQ registration system is the quickest and easiest.

In past years we have got a number of wrong e-mails and wrong mobile numbers listed on the registration forms.
Please check and double-check. It is important that we are able to quickly contact you and your family.

When you are registering you will need to acknowledge that you have read and understood
the Club Rules & Guidelines and the Financial Commitments pages.
See at the top of this page for these TAGS